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Gut organ culture molds

We created a device for three dimensional intestinal organ culture and experimentation. The custom fabricated fluidic chip holds up to six individual gut tissue fragments in isolated chambers.

Each chamber is 8 mm wide and 25 mm long to accommodate mouse gut fragments of varying sizes and to provide a bath of nutrients. The lid is patterned so that it precisely matches the outer dimensions of the fluidic chip. Both the chip and the lid are made from poly (dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS; Sylgard 184) by replica molding of a 3D printed master. The masters were designed using AutoDesk - 360 software.

Syringe Pump Control

The software was created to manage and control new era syringe pumps connected to the gut culture device. Pumps are connected in a linked network and can be modified simultaneously for syringe diameter, pumping direction, pumping rate, pumping rate units, and volume to be pumped. The software allows the calculations of volume to be pumped by desired time and rate and the find syringe diameter by manufacturer and syringe volume.

Pumps software
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